Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Question about my 1998 Mercury Mountaineer ball joints?

I recently took my truck to get an oil change and the mechanic told me i needed to replace the upper and lower ball joints. Yes, the trucks tires do vibrate around 60mph but then quits. I'm thinking of changing the sway bar end links now because I am strapped for cash. Do you think this will help until I can get it taken care of and how long do you think I might have before I have to change those ball joints? ThanksQuestion about my 1998 Mercury Mountaineer ball joints?If you have a vibration that starts %26amp; stops at a certain speed,it's probably a wheel balance issue,Have the tires balanced %26amp; rotated %26amp; see if that doesn't help.As far as ball joint wear,does the truck make any noise(bangs or clunks)when you hit a bump or hole? Are the front tires cupping or wearing unevenly? These are a few clues that you might need some front end repair work.Also,keep in mind that many shops that advertise a low price on oil changes,do so to get your car on the rack,and then try to sell you whatever they think they can get away with.I hope this helps you,good luck!Question about my 1998 Mercury Mountaineer ball joints?you should take your vehicle to a mechanic that you trust

it will cost you less in the long run

you are wasting your money on replacing the sway bar links

please refer to my first comment above

identify exactly what needs to be done to fix your vehicle's problems

difficult economic times brings out the greed in people, protect yourself