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My Saab passenger control arm?

I have a Saab 9-3. The lower ball joint is bad on the car on the passenger side. They don't offer to just buy the ball joint to press in to replace. You have to just replace the whole lower control arm. So my question is how easy is it to change a control arm? My plan is to order the part online, then my bro and I will use his tools to change, then bring it to get an alignment afterwards.My Saab passenger control arm?In the world of mechanics, it rates as fairly easy really...

I'm not that familiar with Saab's, but the steps are pretty much standard...jack up the car, take off the wheel, put it on jack stands. If you have strut/coil type suspension, leave it attached. Separate the ball joint first (you'll probably need a puller for that, it is a press actually), from the steering knuckle, loosen and remove the strut rod nut/washer from the control arm end and loosen a couple turns the other frame end up front. Then tackle the pivot bolt and nut on the inner attachment point...

The hardest points will be the ball joint, the strut rod nuts, and the pivot bolt and nut. Have some wd40 for the rust, and some silicone grease or petroleum jelly (at least) handy for reassembly. Be careful, and take your time...My Saab passenger control arm?It's not that hard.My Saab passenger control arm?IT is very easy to replace. Tip (count the threads on the old arm or measure it and adjust the new arm before you install. 0

How much could i see my truck for?

I want to get rid of my big truck and get a small car cause of gas

I have a 94 Ford F-150 5-8 liter 4x4 extended cab step up with 188285 miles

it has new brake pads front and back, new ball joints in front, new spark plugs, wires and distributor cap and rotor runs, and oil changed great and pretty good on gas for a big truckHow much could i see my truck for?you can see it for free, but only sell it for 2500 or lessHow much could i see my truck for?Go to (Kelly Blue Book), fill in all the stats on your truck, and it will tell you how much you can get out of it.How much could i see my truck for?look at or for a resale price, however it will probably be a little less since these types of vechiles are not in demand at the moment. .How much could i see my truck for?At this time trucks like yours are not in high demand. So what you think it is worth, divide that by 2 and hope you can sell it. I have a truck like this and I know what it is worth, can I get that much for it, NO! If I want to sell it than I'll get about half of what its worth.. that is if I could find a buyer. So you will need to decide if the lost you get is worth the gas you'll save.

Why does my brake warning light stay on, on my 2000 ford expedition ?

i have a 2000 ford expedition xlt (not 4wheel drive) i took it in for an oil change and the guy there told me that my brake pads needed to be changed and that i also needed a ball joint replacement and coil pack. so i got everything done today including an unexpected brake caliper replacement. and now all of a sudden while driving, my brake warning light wont turn off. ive never had this problem before. im assuming it has something to do with how the guy put my break pads in but i know nothing about cars. please help. is this something i should be worried about ? what could be causing this ?Why does my brake warning light stay on, on my 2000 ford expedition ?Since you say that the light came on after replacing the brake caliper, it may just be that the brake fluid level in the master cylinder is low and turning the light on.Why does my brake warning light stay on, on my 2000 ford expedition ?Take it back to that shop. I believe there's a disc wear sensor on the front brakes. It wasn't installed properly.

Hair has to go..that there is no doubt..what do u think?

i think hair has to should be fired and sued by the PCB...this is the last straw....who the hell is hair to tell pakistan or any asian team anything...asian teams run the game of cricket..asian teams have all the money....who the hell is a white human potatoe to tell them what they did....all the asian teams should do a joint protest sayin they will not play international cricket unless hair is fired forever......what an idiot inzamam is...y did he even stay 1 second after the ball was changed...just shows how gutless he is as well...if i was captain i wouldnt take crap from anyone if they accused me or my players of cheating....and y the hell did they agree to start playin...god these stupid pakistan teams....have some spine for god sakes...where is the proof of ball tampering....unless there is actual video footage pakistan are innocent...and therefore hair has hell to pay with his job and his personal money....i hope pakistan board dont back down to this! What do u think?Hair has to go..that there is no doubt..what do u think?all coloured teams should quit the ICC and start the real ICC. as-ole south africans will not join as they have a habbit of deceiving people at the last minute and they are racists as well.

ICC IS A RACIST ORGANISATION.Hair has to go..that there is no doubt..what do u think?If there is no proof of it , then there is no question of it.

These umpires always have problems with the Asain players ...

Murali throwing , excessive appealing by Indians and now this ball tampering...

n all the other people go scot free...brain lara acting as he did in the recent series..

this discrimination has to other way out...Hair has to go..that there is no doubt..what do u think?I Agree...don't worry pakistanis are not backing down..

Enough is enough and we have had enough with this biased umpiring ..wait till sarfraz nawaz and imran khan speak about this topicHair has to go..that there is no doubt..what do u think?Definitly he should sacked from the International Umpiring. He has been doing these sily things for so many years. My opinion is he is a partial umpure, always trying to upset the Asian Cricket rythem.Hair has to go..that there is no doubt..what do u think?i agree tht hair should nt do this .......... but inzamam did the right thing he was showing his dignity but hair have no rights to say anything without conforming about this issue .. pakistan and england are no enemies they r not doing because they r loosing or something they did this because they think that umpire raised finger on me you guyz getting me .. inzamam was ignoring this before tea but i think someone forced him to do this all .. what ever i hope pakistan do not struggle in this matter .. and odi series should carry on .. but umpires should change thats allHair has to go..that there is no doubt..what do u think?absolutely yes...i tell u what...if v try and find out videos fo hAIR UMPIRING agianst PAKISTAN..I WOULD USE againST..v would definatly se hw biased this bloody jerk had been against pakistan....he has been doing this since 99....i remember hell lot of incidences...specially against inzi...when darll hair...gave him out...when he wasnt out by any means... remember him calling kaneria off..wiithout even warning him once for running on the pitch...and if u r a sri lankan...u cant stop hating of cricket would be far better without bloody darll hair...pakistan have appelaed so many tims 2 ICC that they dont want hair umpiring in thier matches...but as a matter of fact has umpired most in the matches plasyed by pakistan...more than anybody!!! what does this suggest? and i have no sympathy with billy doctrove...he is another shame 2 cricket....does any 1 remember...the tst match b/w pak and WI...where jimmy adams was given not out some 4 times...and walsh once....this i was this bloody jerk billy doctrove.HATE THEM BOTH ...i hope ICC expell themHair has to go..that there is no doubt..what do u think?definitely he has to goHair has to go..that there is no doubt..what do u think?Darryl Hair was wrong as he puts into question of sportsmanship. The Pakistanis were wrong by questioning the decision of an umpire and using brinksmanship to demonstrate a point.. If Hair or the umpire thought there was ball tampering, he should be questioned how they tampered with it. No conclusive pictures have been shown.Lets Cricket down.Hair has to go..that there is no doubt..what do u think?This is a bit of a rant, but yes, I agree Hair has to go. He has proved yet again he lacks common sense when he's out in the middle.Hair has to go..that there is no doubt..what do u think?THAT IS A WORST DECISION IN CRICKET HISTORY

Wanting to sell a 1991 Plymouth Voyager LE how much do you think it'll go for?

I have a 1991 Plymouth Voyager LE with 166,000 miles on the boy and unkown on the engine(It's been replaced once). The Transmission has two clutches and the shift recoil going out. Plust the Engine control module is shorting. I have put in a new autinator, new tie rod ends, new ball joints, a new battery, the engine purrs like a kitten but with the two clutches and the recoil it jerks whenever changing into 2nd and Overdrive(it has a 3 speed auto with Overdrive) The engine is a 3.3 Liter V6. With the new parts in how much do you think it would go for if i tried to sell it?Wanting to sell a 1991 Plymouth Voyager LE how much do you think it'll go for?Go to will give you the value.Wanting to sell a 1991 Plymouth Voyager LE how much do you think it'll go for?you should be able to get 1500 or better out of it. but sell it yourselfWanting to sell a 1991 Plymouth Voyager LE how much do you think it'll go for?i would say maybe 10000 or lower just have the buyer make na offer and if you ant sastifyed with the offer than i would tell him to go on a hikeWanting to sell a 1991 Plymouth Voyager LE how much do you think it'll go for?IF these run perfect they are worth about 800-1000. Yours needs a $1500.00 transmission overhaul. It is worth ZERO. You might be able to find a mechanic to give you a hundred bucks for it if he wants to fix it himself...Looks like you used it all up! All the replacement parts you put on were replacements of worn out parts. They ADD no value to the vehicle. My suggestion if you have the space is to go buy another one yourself for about $1500 bucks that is REALLY nice...and take all the good parts off this one, put them in a box in the garage, and send the rest of it to the junkyard! Good luck!Wanting to sell a 1991 Plymouth Voyager LE how much do you think it'll go for?not much

selling private would get $500-$700 If its clean

10 years car sales experienceWanting to sell a 1991 Plymouth Voyager LE how much do you think it'll go for?scrap itWanting to sell a 1991 Plymouth Voyager LE how much do you think it'll go for?sell it yourself, but add some saw dust to the transmission, it will silence any noises from the tranny, and you might actually get away with it. if you got 800 for it i think you would be doing good. if the ecu is going out that cars days are numbered. you might just want to think about parting it out. you could probbaly get $1500 for parts and then sell it to a junk yard for $50 bucks. if your state has a lemon law then they can come back and demand the money they paid. its a tough call...Wanting to sell a 1991 Plymouth Voyager LE how much do you think it'll go for?I can see that you like to get your use out of your vehicles! Nobody wants to buy a car with a bad tranny unless they have a car with a bad engine and a good tranny. You might do better to try to find one of these! Just remember, you don't know how many miles are on their tranny, just like no one really knows how much longer your motor has before it hits the skids. Honestly, your car is not worth much of anything. Count your blessings for getting the life that you got out of it! Ask yourself %26quot;Would I buy a 1991 ANYTHING with 166,000 miles on it?%26quot; And then, what would you pay for it, with a bad tranny? Remember your answers because when you see the guy with the Voyager that has the good tranny and bad motor, his is worth just as much as yours. Don't pay one penny more!Wanting to sell a 1991 Plymouth Voyager LE how much do you think it'll go for?not much you are better off trading it in.Wanting to sell a 1991 Plymouth Voyager LE how much do you think it'll go for?5 billion sex money shitttttttttttttttttt
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  • My gas gage just moves all over the place never know how much gas i have help.?

    I can leave the gas station and have a 1/2 tank and drive to my house and the gage will go from that to almost empty and back.All on flat ground.It is always all over the place what makes this happen.Also not sure if related to problem but while in park my truck shakes sometimes while sitting at a light and sometimes it does not.Changed fuel filter,oil changed and filter,put fuel system cleaner in,new spark plugs,had my ball joints on the front changed.I dont have a clue and i really need some help.I have a 2000 ford explorer with 140,000 miles and it ran great until our state made us use gas that had ethenol in it could this be the problem?I dont know i am out of ideas i need some outside help.ThanxMy gas gage just moves all over the place never know how much gas i have help.?ok, 1st problem fuel guage: since you staed it does this on flat sufaces, more than likely the sensor is bad in the tank and will need replacing/or the guage tself is bad, hwever try replacing the one in the tank first as it is less costly than removing your dashboard simply to get to the guage :)

    2nd problem shaking: this sounds like it may be the vibration damper on your vehicle. unfortunatly this can be a lil costly to replace, but the good news is that unless its affecting your driving capabilities while in motion, then this really doesnt need to be replaced immediatly.

    hope this has been helpful :)My gas gage just moves all over the place never know how much gas i have help.?The gas could be responsible for the change in the way it runs, I don't know, our gas has had ethenol in it for awhile now so I wouldn't know... but I believe I heard something about causing poor fuel economy and running. Did you change the fuel filter as well?

    For the gauge, just take it to the shop. It's just the gauge or sending unit or some part of that system. While you are there you can ask them about the other problem and find out what it would cost for them to take a look at it.

    In my experience fuel pumps usually just go out, with very little warning. Usually after filling up your tank completely! yay...

    Have you checked your coolant? Low coolant will sometimes make your rpms go crazy.

    Anyway, it's really hard for anyone to diagnose your problems over the computer. And if you are short on money, you can't afford to be guessing. Diagnosis does cost money... because it tells you exactly what you need to know to fix it right the first time, which saves you money.

    How expensive would it be to replace ball joints?

    in my 91 park avenue? I was told by a midas machanic that my left tire, that the ball joints are going bad (hence my car sways side to side when driving) but i was curious as to what it would cost me? and is it an easy enough fix where a %26quot;non mechanic%26quot; like my self can fix? ( i've changed my own brakes %26quot;rotors and drum brakes%26quot; aswell as fixed other problems i've had w/ the engine....this is my second car and I'd be more than happy w/ having the mechanical lesson, but it's almost october and it's getting pretty cold in michingan. thanks yaHow expensive would it be to replace ball joints?Get yourself a book first of all, and see what it looks like to replace them.You should have a book for it anyhow.

    I mark where the old ball joints are with a scribe or white out before unbolting them, and put the new ones in the same place, then go get aligned.

    Not too expensive for ball joints, probably about $40 a side, but you should really check alignment afterwards.Minor/intermediate job.